Bedazzle your killer corset

This shouldn’t be of much surprise to y’all diy fashionistas out there because it’s pretty much: “Been there, Done that.”

Unlike your shoes, bags or the collar necklace, we’re talking about a corset which will turn so many heads, wondering if that’s a costume or a bombshell piece. Truth is, there is a very thin line between looking bizarre and looking fantabulous.

Here are some of the bedazzled corsets by Pop stars, which are placing them on the most-fashion-forward-star list:


Of course we also have pop stars who are doing it to look absolutely bizarre. Needless to say, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga who are always donning jaw-dropping costumes are not exactly our fashion icons.

There are certainly a lot more other Pop stars who have paraded around with the flashy corsets, to name a few — Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Christina Aguliera, Carrie Underwood, and etc. Believe me or not, most of them had their personal stylists/designers sewn the embellishments onto a simple corset.

So why shouldn’t you do the same?

For starters, you can skip half the job by getting one from the Diamante Series which is already semi bedazzled. All you need is a good gun, and an eye for good embellishments — Here are some DIY bedazzled corsets available on Ebay and Etsy:

Handmade Bedazzled Corset on Ebay starting bid at USD42.99

Or brand new pieces at Etsy which are expensive (!) since they are all handmade:


Well if you don’t have a corset to start your artwork, why not try a sweetheart neckline dress? You can potentially turn a very sweet number into a Selena-Gomez-doppelganger:

Lookalike dress now available on Etsy by WeddingBless

Now if your fingers are itching to splash your art, but before starting your project, here are some tips:

1. Buy your materials at a physical shop


Take a good look at the quality or sheen personally. Make sure that each “crystal” or “diamante” you put on don’t look too plastic-y because it will waste all your handiwork and in the end look make it’s cheap. You don’t want it to look like an art student project, no?

Unfortunately what you see from the photos on your screen do not always reflect the best side or worst side of the materials.

2. Glue and Sew

To really secure your embellishments, try glue gun then sew them in place. Double the protection, double the confidence ‘sista.
You can sew wherever possible if the beads/sequins/crystals allow.

Remember to roughly sketch out how would you like to embellishments to be instead of just plonking the beads as they go. Won’t turn out very neatly I’m afraid.

3. Be patient and Leave it to dry

We can actually skip this step but this serves as a reminder to the impatient diy-ers who are too eager to try on the corset just a few hours after the glue is set. Leave it for a night to dry so that the glue is completely dry before you parade them around.

Remember to double, triple check to see if all the materials are secure!

With the same technique, you can almost bedazzle anything you have in mind.
But wearing a bedazzled corset out for a party? You are a super bombshell.

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