Best of Both Worlds: The Peplum Corset


What could be better than more figure-flattering than a peplum? Now we have it corseted and in three colors!

Here’s the peplum corset designed to keep your silhouette in check no matter how you pair it with. Seriously, how cool is that?

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Inspired by the last French Queen, Marie Antoinette, who albeit born an Austrian has revolutionized the fashion industry during her time. She is undoubtedly the Lady of utmost Luxury in her days, and still she is revered for her fine taste and lavish lifestyle till this day.

In her lifetime, she has amassed a collection of beautiful gowns and jewellery, at the same time designed new hairstyles. We honor her for revolutionizing the fashion industry despite her declining popularity at the time of her death.

marie antoinette reading

Taking heed of her love in extravagant bows, here’s a Antoinette-inspired peplum corset top in three colors. We love corsets and can’t say no to the figure-flattering peplums!

Pair it with tight fitting bottoms like leggings or pencil skirt, this peplum corset automatically gives you an hourglass silhouette. A long mermaid skirt will make it the perfect evening ensemble.