One Corset for 8 Different Styles: Lace Applique Corset


Black plain corsets are too simple for us to play a mix-and-match! This time we explore the versatility of the all-new Lace Applique Corset, available in four colors: Gray, Red, Green and Violet. applique_range

#1 – Feeling Strong for a Work Day

work1 Building a strong case in your corporate meeting today? Create a career woman front by branding yourself well. Pair your laces confidently with matching pieces to flaunt your force behind the desk. Complete the look with bold red lips. #2 – Chill out in the Office work2 Drape over your corset with a knitted cardigan for a more relaxed work day. Downplay the laces just for a day. A diva needs her off day too! #3 – A quick drink at this evening’s Cocktail Party cocktail1green2 Get creative with a simple black skirt – Wear it on the outside with peplum details for a fun evening out, or ruffles at the bottom for a more refined ensemble. #4 – Partyin’ all night long party1 Any short skirt would do the trick, be it lace, sheer, leather or velvet. We chose to pair it with gold to spice up the dance floor. Choose dark gold for a classier finish! #5 & #6 – Attending a Gala gala1gala2 Dress your best in honor of the host. You can never be overdressed 🙂 Here we paired up two outfits for a memorable evening. #7 – Girls’ Day Out girl1 Easily achieve a flirty Sunday when you pick up a high waisted three-quarter skirt. Go girly in a preppy vintage number. #8 – Street Chic casual Pair all of your blacks with a truly stunning corset. Who says you can’t sashay the street in beautiful lace? Add a hint of punk in your accessories too.


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2015 Steel Boned Collection




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Glam up your Rock: Pnina in Black



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Going Back to Black: Remembering Amy Winehouse



23rd July 2014 marks Amy Winehouse’s 3rd death anniversary and we missed hearing those soulful vocals. In remembrance of Amy Winehouse, the troubled, edgy, yet beautiful and extremely beautiful jazz singer, we look back at her notorious fashion dos and celebrate her song, “Back to Black“.

She’s a different breed of jazz singer and so irreplaceable.

Amy Winehouse filming for her "Back to Black" music video

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