Buying Your First Steel Boned Corset

If you are finally looking to purchase a quality steel boned corset, congratulations! You will not regret it. In fact, once you buy one, you’ll likely be hooked for life.

Corsets have seen a massive resurgence in the last decade, and this has led to a lot of different kinds. Unfortunately it has also led to a lot of disinformation regarding both buying and wearing them. If you have some solid information before you start shopping, it is a good thing.


QueenChloset carries corsets built with Spiral Steel Bones, you can browse through the collection here. Spiral Steel Boning is a universal boning method that supports the garment but allow great mobility, creating corsets that can be danced in and are comfortable to wear.

Why Wear a Steel Boned Corset?

Steel Boned Corsets are likely to last forever with good care and maintenance.

One of the first things that people generally want to know is why wearing corsets is such a great thing. Well, if you buy a quality one – meaning that it is made of good materials and fits you properly, such as a plus size steel boned corset – you will not only look amazing, but you will feel great.

Corsets are a fantastic way to support your back and maintain good posture in a comfortable way, and you can also benefit from waist training. Too often when people think of waist training they picture the few women who train their waists to be extremely skinny, to the point where it obviously doesn’t look naturally-occurring. But you can use a corset or waist cincher to gently shape your belly and hips, and if you wear them almost every day, your body will maintain a lovely hourglass shape even when you aren’t wearing it.

Getting the right size

Size Chart

It is very important to know what waistline measurement do you want to achieve, based on how many inches do you want off your current natural waistline (the smallest diameter of the waist).

To find out the best size for you, first you need to retrieve your natural waistline measurement, say 32″. Take off four inches to find out the most optimal size for you (both plastic and steel boned styles) – In this case, it will be 28″ for Size L. 28″ is the smallest waistline you could achieve with Size L and it is also easily achievable for your waist to be cinched a total of four inches.

However, if you’re looking at purchasing a strong, quality corset to go a little further than four inches, take a smaller size. In this case, Size M could cinch the waistline to a minimum of 26″. As to how small your waist could go, it is dependent on how regular do you have the corset on, or in other words, how well you train your waist.

How Should a Steel Boned Corset Fit?

Most retailers don’t allow fitting for corsets as corsets are intimate apparels tightly laced to the skin for a good fit. While it is rather tragic to have ill-fitting corsets on Hollywood stars who are rather bad role models, the key is to have the bust fitted properly. If your bras are always smaller than the usual A cup, you should talk to the seller to find out which are the styles that will fit you better.

Good fitting – Balanced panels on both sides
Badly fitted corset

Start Shopping!

Steel Boned Corsets are great for waist training other than the usual shaping purposes, it also helps improve a woman’s posture.

If you’re looking for strictly underwear corsets, be sure to find non-frilly styles which will be well hidden under your outfit. Do note that the bustline of most fashion corsets (plastic boned) might protrude under your outfit and therefore might not work as undergarment.


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