Under the Corset: Undergarment Options

Most of QueenChloset’s collection are for outer wear, be it a cocktail party, dress up evening or for bridal! We have received the same few questions and one most frequently asked is — What to Wear…

The myth behind Waist Training Corsets

What Are Training Corsets? And Can They Really Benefit Your Weight Loss Journey? Training corsets are all over the media lately. Using corsets as a slimming technique might be a throwback from the Victorian era, but…

The Waist Cincher explained

Unlike all other corsets we carry in our collection, the Steel Boned Black Waist Cincher is different and it works vastly differently too!

The Cinderella Dress

The legendary dress seems almost impossible to have the princess cinched into a 15-inch waistline.. Is this possible?

How Corsets Can Help With Medical Conditions

For people who are aware of the corset only as a beauty garment, the medical use of it may sound astonishing.

Get the Most Out of Your Corset!

The corset has been a popular fashion garment throughout history and today more and more women enjoy the benefits of fashionable corsetry.

Buying Your First Steel Boned Corset

If you are finally looking to purchase a quality steel boned corset, congratulations! You will not regret it. In fact, once you buy one, you’ll likely be hooked for life. Corsets have seen a massive resurgence…

Corsets for Beginners… Go Black.

Well, it’s true. If you’re a beginner, go all black and classy. Just like how your LBD (Little Black Dress) works for you, you can work your way up with the simple black piece. Here are our recommendations:

Different types of lacing

If you are a frequent shopper at QueenChloset, you would have realized that there are different lacing methods.

Q: Can I slim down or lose weight by wearing a corset?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of all times and while there are many rumours about how a corset can slim you down just by cinching it, we would like to bust some…

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