Category: Corseting 101

Underbusts: What, Why, How?

Corsets are generally divided into two different types: Overbust and Underbust. As the name suggests, overbusts are over-the-bust, whereas underbusts are under-the-bustline. Model is wearing Grey Denim Tank Underbust| Picture by Brendan Lee WHAT? There are generally two distinct underbust styles: Bustline-compliant and Plain. Notice how the upper part of the underbusts differ? There is […]

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Corset for Work

Sounds impossible, yet nothing is impossible in Fashion. Being corseted doesn’t just give our curves a better silhouette, it also makes sure that we get the best posture. Just because your colleagues think corsets are too suggestive for the workplace, it doesn’t mean you should leave your corset at home five days a week. The […]

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