One Corset for 8 Different Styles: Lace Applique Corset


This time we explore the versatility of the all-new Lace Applique Corset, available in four colors: Gray, Red, Green and Violet.

Going Back to Black: Remembering Amy Winehouse


23rd July 2014 marks Amy Winehouse’s 3rd death anniversary and we missed hearing that soulful vocals. In remembrance of Amy Winehouse, the troubled, edgy, yet beautiful and extremely beautiful jazz singer, we look back at her notorious fashion dos and celebrate her song, “Back to Black”.

Bedazzle your killer corset


Unlike your shoes, bags or the collar necklace, we’re talking about a corset which will turn so many heads, wondering if that’s a costume or a bombshell piece. Truth is, there is a very thin line between looking bizarre and looking fantabulous.

Steal Her Look! Ariana Grande and Cher Lloyd


If you could grasp the many faces of corset fashion, you can rock a corset with almost anything *winks*

Corset Diaries


Our little mash up exercise for some inspiration?