Different types of lacing

If you are a frequent shopper at QueenChloset, you would have realized that there are different lacing methods.

Fret not, that does not mean that the style of corset has a stringent lacing method or can only be laced up by one dedicated method. The most commonly used are these three types: Lace-Down; Rabbit ears and Lace-Up:



As the name suggests, it cinches from the top to the bottom. This method is also most frequently used by bridal gowns where the gowns are laced downwards towards the skirt to hide the ends. So if you’re not too fond with showing off the bow, you can tuck them into your bottoms. If you’re worried about the long ends of the ribbon, just cut them off!

Rabbit Ears

This method is the most favored method with the bow ending right at the center. This method is best for beginners and self-wearers when you have no one else to help with the lacing. This way, you can slowly inch your way into cinching your waist better, especially when your waist is your most problematic area.


Most corsets here at QueenChloset come with this method because it is the most straightforward lacing and you can adjust your bust easily just before knotting up the corset. Like Lace-Down, if you don’t like the long ends of the ribbon, you can easily tuck them in or just cut them off.

That’s Victoria Beckham strutting her corset with her laces all well tucked in

There is no absolute rule of which lacing method is best or great for which corset style, and you can always change to any lacing method according to your very own preference. If you currently own a blouse or a dress or gown with a lacing back, you can use any of these methods but be sure that there is enough boning to support the lacing else your blouse/dress might look a little too crumpled for a fashionable day out. Ugh.

If you would like to know how to wear and care for a corset the right way, you can head over to our FAQ page with all the answers you have been dying to know 😉 If the FAQ page does not give you the answer you want, you can always drop us an email at queenchloset@gmail.com.

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