Corsets for Beginners… Go Black.

Well, it’s true. If you’re a beginner, go all black and classy. Just like how your LBD (Little Black Dress) works for you, you can work your way up with the simple black piece. Here are our recommendations:

Black Victorian Corset – Full Bust Coverage

Black Victorian Corset 2

Black Sleek Corset – Three-Quarter Bust Coverage


Black Basics Corset – Half Bust Coverage


Albeit knowing that it is unnecessary to tell you how to pair up your black corsets, nevertheless we have a ready pictogram for your reference based on the all-time-best-seller Black Basics Corset:


If you need help on wearing a corset, you can head over to the FAQ page for more information. Here’s a pictogram if you’re too lazy anyway — Click on the images for enlarged view:

Choosing the right corset copy

Fitting Room copy

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