Get the Most Out of Your Corset!

The corset has been a popular fashion garment throughout history and today more and more women enjoy the benefits of fashionable corsetry. Corsets are perfect for glamorous nights out and parties and worn on a daily basis for many women. One thing is for sure; corsets do a fantastic job of enhancing a woman’s body and adding sophistication to any occasion. The purchase of a corset is an investment and if you care for it well it’ll give you years of wear.

If you have purchased your corset for a special event and are new to wearing corsets it is always best to wear the corset on several occasions before the event. This is necessary as corsets are restrictive and it takes a little time to get used to moving around comfortably in them. You will also get an idea for how long you are happy to wear the corset and how tightly you feel comfortable lacing the corset.


When you buy a new corset do not lace it very tightly at first. A corset is created from layers of strong fabrics and boning that need to be given a little time to adjust to being worn. By lacing a corset too tightly when it is new you may reduce its longevity. A good tip is to try on the corset and lace it so that you feel supported but not restricted for an hour or two. The next time you wear your corset, lace it a little tighter perhaps by an inch or two. When you have repeated this process several times you will be able to lace your corset tighter in the long run.

Do not wash your corset in the washing machine!

This is a very important point as you can ruin a corset if you do and the fabric may become distorted. A corset is usually worn as an undergarment or the only layer of clothing on the top part of the body. Because of this you may find that you perspire or the corset gets dirty. Try using a damp cloth to get stains out and to clean around the underarm area. Always consult your clothing label for advice on how to wash and dry your garment as different fabrics behave in different ways. Some people choose to wear a small top under their corset so that there is a layer between their bodies and the corset for hygiene reasons. (Send it to dry cleaning if you have concerns, and it should only cost around MYR5 at your neighborhood “dobi”.)


Health is key when wearing a corset.

You do not need to lace the corset very tightly to get a great hourglass shape and it is imperative that you are comfortable. Never tighten a corset so that you feel uncomfortable breathing or feel light headed. This is not what a corset is for and you’ll not enjoy the experience, simply loosen the corset lacing until you feel it is right for you.

Always consider what you will eat when wearing a corset.

As many women lace their corset quite tightly it is important to remember that if you plan on eating a large meal or drink a lot the corset may restrict your digestion. A great way around this is to just let the lacing out an inch or two before your meal to endure that you are letting your body work healthily. Do not put on a corset and lace it tightly after a heavy meal as you may feel sick. This is usually not a problem so long as you wear your corset a little looser, so many women wear their corsets to formal occasions so don’t let this put you off.


Never wear a steel boned corset if you are or may be pregnant.

This is extremely important, it is essential your body be allowed to develop and change during pregnancy. There are many bodices and corset styled tops that will look fantastic on you but do not restrict your body.

Give your body a rest.

Many women wear a corset on a daily basis as underwear or a fashion statement and when doing this remember to let your body rest! Make sure that you do not wear your corset for too much time in one sitting and not on an every day basis as your body needs time to grow and change without restriction.

Wearing a corset is very fashionable and you’ll look fantastic, they can enhance your body and give you a lovely smoothed look. Once you get your corset you’ll know why they remain so popular and over time have become really fashion forward garments.

Article Source: Ezine Articles

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