How Corsets Can Help With Medical Conditions

For people who are aware of the corset only as a beauty garment, the medical use of it may sound astonishing. While corsets and basques were in use for many centuries, the special corsets for medical use came into use only in the recent past.


The main use of the medical corset – referred to as a Spinal Brace is to treat low back pains. At the mention of braces the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind are dental braces. Just like the dental braces, the purpose of the spinal brace if to give support and gently shape the spine to its original structure.

Back Pain

These corset braces are ideal to treat low back pain caused by spinal deformity, degenerative disc disease and any injury or trauma related back pains. Corset braces are also prescribed to immobilize the back after a spine surgery to assist in speedier healing.

The corset braces look similar to the normal corsets. But they are known to be fairly very comfortable. These corsets have special straps that go over the shoulder. The front usually covers down to the pelvic area while the back covers from the shoulder to just below the buttocks.

The mechanism behind corset braces is that it increases the pressure near the abdomen which reduces the amount of weight the user places on the spinal structure. By taking much of the stress out of the spinal structure, the spine is given space to heal faster as it is not forced to carry additional weight than required.


Usually these corsets are made of lightweight fabrics but metal bars are inserted to give the stiff support to minimize movement and also help to improve the posture. The bars need will depend on the specific type of treatment the corset brace is used.

These corset braces need to be tailor made to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time. Orthotists are the specialist in this field who ensure that you get tailor made corset braces made for your exact size. Also the duration of using these corsets differ based on the wearers requirement. The doctor will instruct specifically and frequent follow up visits may be required.

With proper care and by following the recommendations of the Doctor one can be sure to get the maximum from the treatment through wearing corset braces.

Type Of Corsets

The ideal corsets are tailor made corsets. One can never expect an off the shelf corset to fit exactly to the individual figure, whatever the measurement it was made for. This is the reason why corsets and Basques are not put out to sale in vast quantities, but mainly as samples of different corset types and the detailing – to attract customers for every woman’s taste differs and a vast variety allows the buyer to have a better choice of what they prefer.

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