Pre Order Special: Limited Edition Steel Boned Underbusts


It’s never gonna happen again – for real, we swear.
This one-time pre order offer is available because we are physically bringing them back for you!

Steel Boned corsets are the epitome of waist training, while the underbust is every woman’s best friend, other than diamonds of course.

Six styles to choose from:

  • Black Latex-Trim Underbust
  • Goth Black Velvet Underbust
  • Steampunk Brown Underbust
  • Bridal Ivory Underbust (Also available in Black)
  • Steampunk-Inspired PVC Underbust
  • Black Satin Underbust (Also available in White)

The Steel Boned Underbusts will be available for pre order until end 20th May 2014, and will arrive early June. Do not be confused with the original Black Satin Underbust we already have, as the steel boned version is major waist training material.

If you’re ready to make a commitment in waist training, drop your order now at the Product page here.

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