Q: Can I slim down or lose weight by wearing a corset?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions of all times and while there are many rumours about how a corset can slim you down just by cinching it, we would like to bust some myths.


Myth 1: If a corset is worn frequently, one will slim down according to the shape the corset offers.

If you wear a corset up to 8 hours per day, for continuous two weeks, you will most likely shed weight. Not because of the rigorous upright posture you keep at all times, but because of the cinching which significantly reduces your craving for food and may cause loss of appetite, which in turns encourages weight loss.


On another hand, there has been a popular fad called “Extreme waist training”, which requires one to wear a corset at all times, and forces the torso to take the shape of the corset. We do not condone extreme waist training as it is best to be supervised by an expert according to your size and diet. However you can try cinching yourself with a corset made for your size, for posture training and it can also serve as a reminder to eat less.

So – Slim down, Yes. The waist does not shape up in accordance to the corset unless there is extreme waist training.

Myth 2: Girls get tiny waists when they have extreme waist training, we can do that too.

Remember that small waists (ie. 11 – 16″) are not how our torsos are built/made to be. External and constant force imposed to the torso will result in compression of internal organs, and in some cases, break the rib cages where the ladies will have to live in the corset until the body takes shape.


Again, we do not condone extreme waist training and the corsets we carry in QueenChloset are plastic boned and are not supposed to carry heavy duty waist training programmes. We understand that there is a constant desire to shape up and lose weight at the same time, however waist training comes with a vigorous diet programme and breathing technique, therefore it is advised to do your research before engaging yourself in the programme.

So the answer is, Yes – You can do it but there are health risks.

Myth 3: One will grow dependent to wearing a corset

Yes. And because it is not advisable to grow dependent to a piece of clothing, it is important for one to be contented with its body image before the shapely figure takes over your confidence *winks*

We hope we have answered the main queries and if you still need more answers, send them to queenchloset@gmail.com! Meanwhile, enjoy our collection of corsets here at QueenChloset.

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