Postpartum Girdle in Nude

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Highly adjustable postpartum girdle set in three bands for maximum cinching effect.

After birth, your uterus is empty and without support from your baby, your uterus is at risk of sagging, which may trigger further complications. Using a binder on your uterus will help prevent sagging and support your uterus as it gradually shrinks to its pre-pregnancy shape.


Natural birth: On the third day after birth, wrap the stomach band around the abdomen area gently. Do not exert too much force. The aim is to help the uterus regain its position. Then as time goes by, tighten the girdle according to your comfort levels.

Birth by C-Section: Use only after the third day, and wrap on top of bandage instead of direct contact. Use the bands only when there is no direct pressure inflicting pain. The tight cinch can also act as support for your surgery wounds, both internally and externally.


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Size Weight before birth (kg) Postpartum Waistline (cm)
S 49 – 62.5 70 – 88
M 63 – 80 89 – 102
L 78 – 89 103 – 115

Note: Measurements are based on the largest waistline circumference after birth. It will take time for the uterus and skin to shrink, wearing a smaller size may trigger discomfort and discourage regular wear.

The Postpartum Girdle is a set of three bands: Stomach, abdomen and hip bands, for high adaptability.

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