The Cinderella Dress

cinderellaThe legendary dress seems almost impossible to have the princess cinched into a 15-inch waistline.. Is this possible?

We’ve done a little research to find out if it’s entirely true, and found out that IT IS. It is a legit 15-inch waistline attributed by actress Lily James’ already tiny waist.

With a custom made corset, a woman’s waist can be easily cinched to trim off six inches. It may not be the healthiest decision to compress the organs and ribcage in such strenuous lacing, but according to actress Lily James, who is a regular on TV Series Downton Abbey, she mentioned that she is quite a regular corset wearer and has gotten used to working the corset. In other words, the extreme lacing in the Cinderella dress is just a little step-up from the usual. This will probably explain why she looks absolutely natural and gorgeous in the fantasy-like dress.

The Cinderella dress compared to 1920s costumes, is much heavier and has a more enhanced hourglass bodice. With an hourglass bodice, the internal organs are pushed upwards or downwards, which offers greater comfort. Most of the mass produced corsets (including our collection) are hourglass-shaped and is easy to wear.

It takes time to get used to wearing a corset and more time to take gradual steps up to cinch it tighter. Real life Cinderella, Lily James has done it effortlessly.

Final touches: The detachable ‘bertha’, which topped the fairytale gown, was decorated with dozens of hand-painted butterflies made by Hiroshima artist Haruka Miyamoto. Source: Daily Mail

Let’s take another look at the beautiful Cinderella waistline accompanied by 8,000 layers of premium silk and a steel structure beneath the fluff —


Simply astonishing.

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