The Waist Cincher explained

Unlike all other corsets we carry in our collection, the Steel Boned Black Waist Cincher is different and it works vastly differently too! Before you decide to order the Waist Cincher, here are a few things you should know:


#1 – Structure

The Cincher compared to a standard Black Satin Underbust has comparatively less boning. The Cincher has only 7 bones with only one main spine at the back, whereas an underbust corset has 12 bones with a steel busk in front.

Instead of the laces at the back of a corset, which allows flexibility if you opt to do tight lacing, the cincher holds the body up with two layers of quality mesh at the back. In comparison,

#2 – Cinching Power

Continuing from the top on how a corset allows flexibility on how tight you would like to be – due to the corset’s rigid structure, a normal waistline can be cinched and trimmed off four inches instantly. If your objective of wearing a corset is to trim the waistline drastically

However, the Cincher which is fundamentally a less structural piece and does not offer lacing at the back, can only be cinched as much as the waist allows, which is most commonly, only two inches off the original waistline.

Though the cincher is not big on waist trimming, it does condition your posture and shape you up for a perfect silhouette. Also, the smaller you get, the cincher adheres to it.

#3 – Undergarment

At QueenChloset, we do not encourage our customers to wear a corset as undergarment unless you have thick layers to go on top. The corsets we carry are not meant to be undergarments and will have laces, frills and edges that show from beneath the dress/blouse.

If you’re looking for an undergarment to complement your dress, we always recommend the Waist Cincher.

#4 – Flexibility and Usage

From Kim Kardashian's InstagramCorsets are largely rigid and need conditioning before wearing it for long hours. Many of our customers wear corsets for a specific function which only lasts for a few hours; whereas some regular customers prefer to wear it everyday for both medical and waist training purposes.

The Waist Cincher on the other hand, due to its greater flexibility (compared to a corset), can be used for a good workout like how Kim Kardashian works it! (Refer picture on the left)

Also, the Cincher is mostly used as an undergarment for body shaping. Compared to the corset, the cincher is a lot more comfortable and less rigid.

#5 – Postpartum Wear

Both corset and cincher work the same and has the same aim when compressing a stretched belly.

Jessica Alba’s famous formula to losing weight after every pregnancy is to double corset herself and wear them to sleep every night. Well, there is a less painful way, and that is the Waist Cincher.

It is easier to take off, a lot cooler, less rigid and most of all, kinder to the body after strenuous labor.


So there you go, we hope you have gained a better understanding reading this piece we have prepared for those who can’t decide between corsets and cinchers. Hope this helps!

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