Top 5 2017 Halloween Ideas

So many costumes and so many inspirations for Halloween! While you crack your brain to wear something fresh and exciting, we picked out five most popular Halloween ideas this year to liven up your party and get your outfit talking for itself.

Wonder Woman

It used to be such a cliche, but this year with Gal Gadot giving the superhero a big facelift and fitting into that amazing costume, somebody has got to do the updated Wonder Woman, why not you?



Sexy, strong and…. GREEN. Gamora loves how black leather contrasts with her green skin and red hair.


The Black Steampunk PVC Corset is now available for a limited time only to spice up your Gamora outfit! Now at MYR129 –

Black Steampunk PVC Corset -MYR129

Alternatively, choose something classic with our Black PVC Corset:

leatherBlack PVC Corset –  MYR 129



Of course! As Star Wars fan await the next Rey appearance this December, Rey is a good reminder that Star Wars is coming back of the ninth time…


This year this Disney Princess is riding high with her iconic yellow dress with girls all around the world flaunting that yellow!


We picked a more princess-y look with a classic damask pattern in yellow. Pair it with a long yellow skirt and there you go:


Damask Yellow Corset -MYR99

The Mummy

Last but not least, that big movie flop with an iconic goddess body –


So what’s your choice this year? Remember to decide fast and wow the party!

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