Under the Corset: Undergarment Options

Most of QueenChloset’s collection are for outer wear, be it a cocktail party, dress up evening or for bridal! We have received the same few questions and one most frequently asked is —

What to Wear under the Corset?

Option #1: Go Braless

Due to the quality fabric and bust cutting built into the corset, it is not necessary to wear undergarments. 

There are a few styles where there are bra pads built into the corset, for example, the Pnina in Black or White , Lace Applique Corset and Renaissance Satin Corset. You can do without undergarments just like how you wear a wedding gown.


If your corset does not have bra pads built in, you can opt not to wear one once you get used to manuvering in your corset. In fact, we encourage our customers to not wear one so that the corset can shape the body up according to the corset cutting.

Option #2: The Invisible Bra 

If you’re a first time wearer and are not too comfortable getting out of the house without a bra, you can opt to wear the Stick-on bras which are silicone based and does not have underwires, straps and rear buckle.

You can get them in most boutiques and there are many options available. Choose one without underwires and they will be perfect under a corset. They should cost around MYR30.

Option #3: The Inexpensive Method

This will involve rigging one of your existing bras. Your objective would be making sure that the underwires are out and straps are out.

Choose a bra that has a smooth surface on top (just like the “invisible” bra above), it could be a T-shirt bra made of cotton. Then snip a little at the end of the wires, then slip the wire out easily –


The reason why you will need to remove the underwires is because the bones on the corset will compress your body and against your chest once the ribbons are laced up. If the vertical bones are crushing onto bra underwires, the pressure will crush into your rib bones, and you will have difficulty breathing and then, pain. If you continue to ignore it, you will have bruising all over the underwire area.

Remove the bra straps, then you’re good to go! *winks*


It’s a rather lengthy answer and we hope to answer that question in full here! If you have more questions, send in your enquiry to queenchloset@gmail.com.

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