Waist Cincher for Postpartum: What you need to know

If you are into corsets, you should have already seen the photo Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram years ago, just hours after her baby was born.
Now you must be wondering – does waist cinching really help you get back to shape postpartum?
Here are 3 things about waist cinchers that you should know:
1. A waist cincher corrects your posture and gently brings your organs back to their proper place
For this reason, it is advisable to put on the waist cincher as soon as the baby is born so that your skin doesn’t lose its elasticity, which will help coax your muscles and organs return into place sooner.
Although not scientifically proven, do a quick search on the internet and you will see that many mums have vouched for the effectiveness of a waist cincher when it comes to post-delivery recovery.
2. A waist cincher is not a waist trainer
It is important to note the difference between a waist cincher and a waist trainer.
The main goal of a postpartum waist cincher is to correct your posture and provide enough support for your muscles to gradually move back into place. This works similarly to a belly wrap that a postpartum masseuse often recommends.
For postpartum, it is not advisable to use a traditional corset or waist trainer that might be too tight for comfort. Waist training is wearing tight corsets to shrink one’s size for cosmetic reasons. This is totally different from what a waist cincher is built for.
3. Pair a waist cincher with a proper diet and exercise regime to achieve your ideal weight
As much as we love the waist cincher, it is not a magic product that will bring you back to pre-pregnancy weight in a jiffy. A proper diet and regular exercise are still needed to help you achieve your goal.
Some bonus information:
Many mums have said that wearing waist cinchers greatly increased their confidence level and self-esteem post-delivery. I guess that’s expected because…who likes seeing lose skin?!
Another noticeable benefit is that because waist cinchers help with correcting postures, it will reduce backache or discomfort arising from poor postures.
When and how often should you wear a waist cincher post partum?
As mentioned above, you should wear it as soon as possible after delivery, and continue to wear it for at least 6-8 weeks postpartum. Many mums wear them every day and only take it off to shower.
Can a waist cincher be dangerous?
A waist cincher’s job is to help with your posture and provide enough support for your muscles to move back into place. It should be tight enough that you feel the cinch but it is not meant to be super tight fitting (as in the case of a waist trainer). If you find yourself struggling to breathe or eat with the waist cincher on, chances are it is too tight for you. A waist cincher worn correctly is not dangerous.
So where can I get a good waist cincher?
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